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4-H Animal Science - 1009

Ended Jun 20, 2020

Full course description

ANSC 1009 will provide exposure and a basic understanding of the role of livestock in agriculture production (U.S. and global). Students will develop a basic understanding of scientific fundamentals of livestock production, including nutrition, reproductive physiology,breading and genetics, diseases and health, management, livestock selection, and marketing of major and minor meat animal species. Students will also gain experience in practical applications, such as ration formulation, disease prevention, artificial insemination, genetic selection, and breeding systems. Labs and field experiences will provide opportunities to gain practical knowledge and to better understand the lecture material. The comprehensive learner objective include:
  • To help students understand the broad scope of disciplines and opportunities that exist in the animal industry and their contribution to man.
  • To help students comprehend the basic principles of Animal Sciences.
  • To help students understand the purpose, proper usage, and impact of management techniques used in the various animal industries.
  • To help students develop an insight into the problems and status of animal production.
  • To help students realize the affiliation that exists between animal production and otheragricultural enterprises.
  • To develop an appreciation of the meat animal, dairy, poultry and horse industries.